Maximizing the potential of AI in your daily operations

ADL AI Summit 2021

Panel Discussion 3 at the ADL AI Summit AI Forum 2021, was home to a very interesting topic and moderated by Dr. Keeratpal Singh the Chief Data Scientist at Axiata. The topic of how we can maximize the potential of AI in our day-to-day activities.

The panel included:

  • Professor Paul Morrissey, a Global Technology Entrepreneur, an Ambassador at TM Forum AI, Big Data Analytics, CX, Smart Cities, and Innovation
  • Simon Samuel, Head of Data Analytics at ADA
  • Kalyan Achyutuni, Chief Information Officer at Smart Axiata
  • Stephen Ujfalussy, Senior Solutions Architect, Sunshine Conversions at Zandesk

The discussion shed insights on:

  • Success stories of AI solutions implemented by industry giants such as TM Forum, ADA, Smart Axiata and Zendesk
  • Real-world ​scenarios where AI has deemed helpful
  • What the future of AI looks like for the everyday human being
  • What challenges do businesses face when implementing AI solutions for day-to-day activities
  • How to address the challenges of implementing AI solutions to your everyday activities
  • Strategy the panelists have to tackle the challenges faced
  • How to combine the different knowledge silos that exist within a business
  • How AI can be used to improve metrics
  • How such metrics can be measured