The inaugural ADL AI Summit was held from September 18 – 25 and introduced us to the transformative impact AI, ML, and Analytics will have on the future of business. The AI Forum brought together 25 pioneers and experts in the field to share their wisdom with audience. Here are the full keynotes and panel discussions from the event.

Panel Discussion 3 at the ADL AI Summit AI Forum 2021, was home to a very interesting topic and moderated by Dr. Keeratpal Singh the Chief Data Scientist at Axiata. The topic of how we can maximize the potential of AI in our day-to-day activities.

Gain insights into the broader aspects of Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML) and Robotics with ML expert, Minerva Singh who focuses her work around using airborne data to produce results.

The ADL AI Summit, AI Forum was home to speakers from around the world, who specialize in AI, ML, Big Data, Data Analytics, Robotics and everything in between.

Professor Paul Morrissey, an Ambassador for TM Forum and an industry expert in Artificial Intelligence joined the ADL AI Summit, AI Forum 2021 to focus on the topic of "The Lost Dimension: Trust & Ethics in AI".

Panel Discussion 2 at the ADL AI Summit, AI Forum 2021 featured industry professionals from around the world including our Chief Executive Officer, Thushera Kawdawatte, Maria Lozano from Telefonica Tech, Albert Nombres from Teradata Corporation, and Vishal Udadhyay from NCell Axiata.

Dr. Suranga Senevirathne, a lecturer in Security at the Department of Computer Science at the University of Sydney joined the ADL AI Summit, AI Forum as a keynote speaker and focused his efforts on Security and Privacy concerns and trends in AI.

Explore how emerging technology such as AI, 5G, and Edge Computing is being used across industries with Manoj Mathen, a Software Architect, and a Cloud Architect for Japan and Asia Pacific Region at Oracle at the ADL AI Summit, AI Forum 2021.

Following the first panel discussion, the AI Forum at the ADL AI Summit welcomed Dave Enright, a Cross Solutions Lead and Senior Architect at the Microsoft Technology Center to discuss the topic of "Artificial Intelligence and Commoditization".

The first panel discussion at the ADL AI Summit, AI Forum focused on the topic of "Leveraging on Multi Cloud & Hybrid Cloud Environments for AI Long Range Plans", featuring industry professionals from across the world and moderated by Buddhika Gamage.

Hear how you can fast track your data science workflow as Karthik Venkatraman, a Senior Sales Engineer at Snowflake explains how machine learning and artificial intelligence solutions at Snowflake are the answer.

Explore what his team at Dell Technologies delivers, how the future is being shaped by people and technology, and what cities will look like in 10 years. Furthermore, how the cognitive outcomes in practice are achieved and how to understand and design solutions tailored to your city and nation.

As the first keynote speech at the AI Summit, 2021 was Olivier Klien, the Chief Technologist at Amazon Web Services where he focused on the topic of how to build effective AI/ML operations to further improve machine learning models.

At Axiata Digital Labs we are always looking for new ways to explore emerging technology into our everyday lives by incorporating big data, machine learning, artificial intelligence, and much more into business processes that enhance any user's experience.