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Join us at the AI Forum for a captivating series of Fireside Chats with industry leaders and experts as we focus on the trends and topics surrounding this year’s theme, ‘Generative AI’.

Explore a wide range of topics and gain insights from the forefront of innovation, fuelling and accelerating the global rate of digital transformation.

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Fireside Keynote Speakers

Impacts of Generative AI to enterprise digital transformation​

Generative AI is transforming businesses with applications ranging from automated content creation to chatbots, but its adoption requires a balanced consideration of both the opportunities and challenges it presents.


steve bowker
Steve Bowker
Head of AI Platform & Architecture Ericsson​


Dr. Suranga Seneviratne

Senior Lecturer in Security,
University of Sydney

Anirban Mahanti, PhD

Lead Advisor,
7investing LLC​

Jon Penrose​

Business Development Manager – Telco Data & Analytics. Amazon Web Services​

Future of Generative AI and its ethical implications​

The future of generative AI holds great promise for diverse content creation and problem-solving, but it also raises significant ethical concerns. To harness its potential while safeguarding society, stakeholders, including researchers, developers, business owners, and policymakers, must prioritize responsible AI development and robust regulations to strike a balance between innovation and ethical responsibility.


Anthony Behan 
Managing Director for Communications Media & Entertainment at Cloudera


Tony Kalcina

CEO of Clarity and TM Forum Global Ambassador​

Chris Lewis

Founding Director - Lewis Insight, Telecoms Industry analyst, strategic advisor, public speaker, disability/accessibility specialist​