AI Hackathon

The AI Hackathon will take place as a part of the ADL’s first AI Summit and is targeted towards the AI, ML and Data Science community.

  • All competition rounds will be held virtually.
  • Pre-Hackathon will take place from 15th September to 19th September
  • Data declaration and problem statement declaration will take place on the 22nd September at 4.00 P.M. (GMT+5.30)
  • The Hackathon will be a 30-hour event taking place from the 22nd of September 6.00 P.M.(GMT+5.30) to the 24th September 12.00 A.M.(GMT+5.30)

Our objective is to empower the Data Science community in building end-to-end AI solutions to solve real world business problems.

Registrations have now closed

Prize pool worth over $12,000

Registration closing date –  14th September 2021 12.00 P.M.

The participating team can consist of minimum 2 players and maximum 5 players including Data Scientists, AI Engineers, AI Translators, ML Engineers Data Engineers, Full Stack Developers

Participation Criteria 

The Hackathon team composition should be as follows

AI Translator: Business Consultant who can craft a business model or a strategy for an AI solution **

Data Scientist: Should be able to use data modeling techniques to create business value and interpret the results **

Data Engineer: Should be able to prepare the data for analytics purposes **

ML/AI Engineer: Should be able to understand the Machine Learning and AI models and deploy it in the Hackathon solution**

Full-stack Developer: A software developer with experience in both front-end and back-end development **

**The team composite may include working professionals as well as University students or a combination of both.

Full Schedule (GMT+5.30)