Maximizing EBITDA through Analytics and AI

ADL AI Summit 2021

Panel Discussion 2 at the ADL AI Summit, AI Forum 2021 featured industry professionals from around the world including our Chief Executive Officer, Thushera Kawdawatte, Maria Lozano from Telefonica Tech, Albert Nombres from Teradata Corporation, and Vishal Udadhyay from NCell Axiata.

The session focused on the topic of ‘Maximizing EBITDA through Analytics and AI while focusing on:

  • The importance of AI and how it helps improve efficiency
  • How businesses can grow with emerging technology
  • Application of statistical analysis
  • How companies can convert their insights into actions using AI
  • Potential strategies to build, and operationalize AI-driven solutions
  • The 4 pillars and the importance of the right execution strategy