Personalized Federated Learning for Intelligent Edge Networks

ADL AI Summit 2021

The ADL AI Summit, AI Forum was home to speakers from around the world, who specialize in AI, ML, Big Data, Data Analytics, Robotics and everything in between.

Nguyen Hoang Tran, a Senior Lecturer at the Department of Computer Science at the University of Sydney shared his experience and expert opinions on the topic of ‘Personalized Federated Learning for Intelligent Edge Networks’.

The session touched upon:

  • Centralized Machine Learning
  • Key elements of a Distributed Machine Learning System and the role data centers and cloud computing
  • Federated Learning (FL)
  • If FL is a key factor in boosting intelligence at the edge
  • FL Algorithms
  • Benefits of FL across a variety of industries
  • The future of AI
  • How to design an Algorithm