Podcast Series

What’s next in AI?

“What’s next in AI” is a four days extensive Podcast Series that will be happening from 14th November to 17th November 2022. Each podcast is meticulously designed to discuss the latest trends in the field of AI covering the range of topics comprising Telco Applications in 5G, Metaverse with AI, Explainable AI and Blockchain.

Join our hosts to witness and engage in informative and in-depth conversations with world-renowned speakers, educators and tech innovators.

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Next generation of telco and AI applications in 5G

Ravi Kailat​

Client Principal,
Dell Technologies​

Marisa S. Viveros

Vice President, Strategy and Solutions, IBM Global Telecommunications, Media and Entertainment​

Bridging the reality with Metaverse through AI

Chris Lewis ​

Founding Director - Lewis Insight, Telecoms Industry analyst, strategic advisor, public speaker, disability/accessibility specialist​

Vinod Samarawickrama

Manager Connectivity Program – APAC, Meta

The value of explainable AI - Bringing AI out of the black box

Zabi Ulla​

Product Head
A.I Labs, Subex​

Dr. Vishal Sharma​

Data Science Lead
APAC at H2O.ai​

How Blockchain, Web 3, NFT and AI will bring new value to business?​

Dr. Madhusanka Liyanage​

Assistant Professor | Ad Astra Fellow | Marie Curie Fellow | Director of Graduate Research at School of Computer Science, University College Dublin, Ireland​

Headshot of Brett Hornung

Brett Hornung ​

Innovation Strategy Manager, Blockchain & Multiparty Systems Technology Innovation group, Accenture